Monday, February 28, 2011

Sights and details from the 2011 NJ Bike and Walk Summit


I knew that Jen Benepe would have much more extensive look into this years NJ Bike and Walk Summit which is one of the reasons why I didn't really bother going into great detail here.  Plus, when I cover events, I often just shoot from the hip.  Jen, with a degree in journalism could be seen diligently scribbling on her notepad all day at the Summit.  I wasn't willing to compete against that.  For more in-depth coverage of the Summit, take a look at Part 1 of Jen's coverage on her Benepe's Bike Blog.  

The impressive Trenton Masonic Temple.

Without a doubt the 2011 New Jersey Bike and Walk Summit hosted by the NJ Bike and Walk Coalition was a great success.  The event was held in the beautifully exquisite Masonic Temple directly across the Trenton Barracks and a block form the State House.

For a general gist of the days events, the summit agenda pretty much covers most of what you need to know.  The expected highlight of the day was the keynote address given by Rutgers' and New Jersey's own Prof. John Pucher, famous the world over for his groundbreaking bicycle and pedestrian research.  As is typical of the man, he gave one of his memorable presentations that had the crowed laughing and roweled up. However there was much more to the summit including a number of neat and unexpected highlights that were not on the schedule.

First, Jim Nicholson was given an award for his leadership role in founding the NJ Bike and Walk Coalition.  I've told him personally but I think every bicyclist and pedestrian in New Jersey owes him a debt of gratitude for getting the Coalition off and running.

The crowed gives Jim Nicholson a standing "o" for his work with the Coalition.
The other big highlight of the day was the awarding of a $5,000 grant from the good folks at the REI to help continue to good work of the NJ BikeSchool (link to in depth presentation about program).  Founded through the incredibly hard fought efforts of Leigh Ann Von Hagen at the Voorhees Transportation Center, NJ BikeSchool brings League of American Bicyclists, Cycling Instructors to schools around the state so that children are given a solid education on the safe operation of a bicycle.

Leigh Ann grins ear to ear after receiving the big plastic check.
So if you didn't make it this year, you sure missed out. For more of the sights from the summit, check out the photo gallery below. Remember though, all photos in this post as well as all other unattributed photos on this blog are copyrighted and I'll only grant permission to copy them if you ask in writing.  Enjoy!

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