Saturday, November 18, 2017

Carnage in NJ the Traffic Fatality Count

As of November 17th
535 Deaths vs 532 in 2016
Drivers - 296 (58 motorcyclists)
Passengers - 75 (2 motorcyclists)
Pedestrians - 148
Bicyclists - 16
Source - NJ State Police

Some Victims from this Week
Michael Nierstedt, 29 Jersey City Off Duty Firefighter Killed as a passenger on Paterson Plank Rd in the City
Kassidy Bush, 15 A Palmyra High School Student killed as a passenger from a crash during a Route 130 Police Chase. The driver of the stolen vehicle a 17-Year-Old boy was reported in critical condition.
Jose Furtado An owner of a Dunkin Donuts in Paterson killed by a driver as he was sweeping leaves from the drive-thru lane of his own store.
Matthew Muklewicz a motorcyclist who was killed by a suspected drunk driver on Route 1 in Edison

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of victims of traffic violence. New Jersey needs a comprehensive Vision Zero Policy