Monday, February 14, 2011

How Many People Commute By Bike In Your Town?

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The interactive map above contains the bicycling to work numbers from the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey 2005-2009 by Municipality. Clicking on any NJ town on the map will give you additional information such as the number and percentage of those taking transit or walking to work.

This data should not be confused with the 2010 Census, the American Community Survey is a large ongoing phone survey that covers questions that are no longer included with the 10 year Census.

Bike to Work data is not representative of the actual number of bicycle trips taken because it only accounts for commuters who bike to work more than 3 days a week. It doesn't count occasional riders or bicyclists riding to transit (they are counted as transit riders). It is however a good barometer of bicycle activity in a given area.

Note: due to the size of the map we suggest closing the "Layers" tab moving the map to the right before clicking to view the attributes for any town. Alternatively simply click on Link to Larger Map.

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Andrew J. Besold said...

It's interesting to see higher bicycle, walking and transit use reflected in areas that were well developed prior to Second World War and the coming of "automobilia" in the Eisenhower administration.

Also interesting is the very high bicycling mode share of 7.07% in the rich shore town of Allenhurst. Deal, just to the north also has a high bicycle mode share of 3.10% and it is also very rich. By comparison, Asbury Park with is becoming a hip and trendy young town but also has large pockets of poverty, only has a bike mode share of 1.78%. Still high but pales in comparison to its rich neighbors to the north. Very interesting.