Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NJ Bike/Walk Summit on-line registration closing on Saturday

The below comes to WalkBikeJersey from the NJ Bike and Walk Coalition:
Today is the closing day for NJ Bike/Walk Summit on-line registration.  The Summit will take place in Trenton, NJ on Saturday, February 26, just ten days away. 

We normally hold registration open for a few days after the deadline because registration forms sent to us by mail lag a bit.  We've decided to leave the on-line registration open also, but only until Saturday, February 21, at which point both mail and on-line registration will close.

We've had an excellent response to the summit and THERE ARE ONLY 15 SPACES LEFT!

If registering for the summit has somehow slipped your mind this year, you still have a short window of opportunity left to register and be part of this event.

Join us in Trenton on February 26 and make a statement for bicycling and walking!

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