Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Show DRPA That You Support The Ben Franklin Bridge Walkway Ramp Project

The following was originally written by John Boyle and posted on the Greater Philadelphia Bicycle News. It is reprinted here with the permission of our friends at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.
The days of cursing the three flights of stairs on the Ben Franklin Bridge Walkway could soon be over, but we need to your help to make that a reality.

The Delaware River Port Authority will be presenting their 2011 Capital Program at the Wednesday December 1st Board Meeting. DRPA CEO John Mattheussen has been quoted in the Camden Courier Post and the >Philadelphia Inquirer that he will ask the DRPA Board to include $100,000 to begin designing the walkway ramp in time to construct the walkway in 2012.

We do not know if CEO Mattheussen's verbal promise means that the money for design is included in the final budget. We want to make sure that DRPA Board members hear that there is strong public support for starting the design work in 2011. Please come to the Dec. 1 meeting to speak at the public comment period about why you want the walkway design to begin in 2011.

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One Port Center is across from the Camden Children's Garden on the Camden Waterfront.


Andrew J. Besold said...

Damn! I'm going to Morristown to comment on the NJ Bike Map that day. I may live in Central New Jersey but I use the Ben Franklin about a dozen times a year with my bike and those stairs suck! They are bad enough with a regular bike but load up your bike with 50lbs of touring gear and it can be downright dangerous!

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