Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Newark to build New Jersey's first protected bicycle lane; West Windsor state's first Woonerf

I hate getting scooped but then again its great that there are so many people in New Jersey concerned about bicycle and pedestrian issues and are willing to spend the time writing about it.

NJ Future's blog Garden State Smart Growth has this great write-up about a proposal for a protected bike lane in Newark's Forest Hill Neighborhood. I snagged the image off their blog of the proposed improvements from the City and Sam Schwartz Engineering to whet your appetite to read and inquire further. Cyclists, take a close look at the proposed intersection improvements. What do you think?

Further down the Northeast Corridor, Jerry Foster at the West Windsor Bike/Ped Alliance writes today about a possible "woonerf" in the proposed transit village at Princeton Junction. Very interesting stuff. If you don't know about woonerfs read Jerry's quick description or follow his links to the more in-depth discussions.


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