Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pedestrian dies on Rt 35 in Ocean Beach, as predicted

The Star Ledger reported (1,2) this past weekend about a Mark Infante, municipal prosecutor from West Orange who was killed while walking along the shoulder of Rt 35 as he returned home from the post office just after 12 noon.

Approximate site of the fatal crash on Rt 35 South and Bay Beach Way
Yes, unfortunately the news of a pedestrian dieing on a New Jersey State Highway is nothing new and all too common. A review of the New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian News Digest shows that at least 15 bicyclists and pedestrians were killed on New Jersey roads in the month of November alone.

What is chilling about this one for me is that I predicted it.

You may recall back in August I wrote an article (Is Rt 35 south of Pt Pleasant "Shore to kill?) about the obvious and plentiful hazards facing pedestrians, bicyclist and drivers alike. However, during the quiet winter months and in broad daylight is not how I saw such a tragedy happening.

Please, let this be the last fatality of any type on this stretch of Rt 35.


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