Thursday, December 03, 2009

Bergen County Visioning Day

Saturday, December 5, 2009 – 9:30am to 2:00pm
Bergen County Learning Center
Bergen County Administrative Building
One Bergen County Plaza, Hackensack, NJ 07601
(light lunch to be served)

Be mindful however if you go, that this meeting is a county wide master plan touching upon many aspects planning and is not solely focused upon bicycle and pedestrian or even transportation issues. That said, please let decision makers understand that these issues are of utmost importance.

The below message is from our friend Stephen Mosca at Go-One LLC and local advocate in Maywood, New Jersey about the plan:

Cycling-related deaths and injuries are rising in New Jersey and cyclists from around the state are coming together to address this disturbing trend. On December 5th Bergen County will sponsor a “Visioning Day”. Many actions are taking root in our state towards more effective transportation for all citizens. The New Jersey Department of Transportation is conducting Pedestrian Safety Impact Team (PSIT) meetings to study along NJ Route 93 (Grand Street) in Bergen County; Bergen County members are involved in the Bicycle/ Pedestrian Think Tank in New Brunswick, NJ. Sponsored by the NJ/ DOT and Rutgers University Voorhees Transportation Policy Planning Group; Municipalities around New Jersey are par-taking in the “Sustainable Jersey” Program (Safe Route to School & Complete Streets); and, people are realizing the health benefits, environmental, noise and congestion benefits of cycling. We need to be proactive and apply the basic lessons of transportation.

Cyclists throughout the state will attend, representing bicycle clubs, shops, advocates, retailers, manufacturers, and other interested individuals committed to safe access of cyclists to our state’s roads and trails. State legislators and transportation policy officials will also attend. The following are “Bicycling” transportation transformation recommendations to the County of Bergen to Considers as part of this Master Planning Exercise.

1. “Complete Streets” design on County Road Bike Lane Implementation.
2. Cyclist/motorist education
3. Three (3) Feet Passing and other Legislation
4. Creating bicycle-friendly communities in New Jersey.
5. Bicycles on Busses with NJ Transit.
6. More Bicycles on Mass transit Trains with NJ Transit. Bicycle Path interconnection from rail stations to points NSE&W.
7. More Bergen County retail establishments allowing Bicycling (i.e. Bicycle usage is against the law in the new Bergen Town Mall Property in Maywood). This needs to change!
8. Construction of feeder paths to the Rochelle Park/ Wood Ridge Mixed Use Path from all points NEW&S.
9. Implementation of a NYC style bicycling Master plan with Connection to the GW Bridge, Verazzano and Lincoln and Holland Tunnels from all points NSE&W.
10. Partner with Voorhees Bike Group at Rutgers to become the most progressive Bike County in NJ.
11. Encourage Municipalities to begin the bicycle path, trails and lane inter-connectivity studies. Use the TMAs and Google Maps/ DOT Analysis technology.


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