Friday, December 25, 2009

Freehold's Anti-Bike Parking Policy

Merry Christmas Freehold Bicyclists!

The December 21st edition of the Asbury Park Press put a spin on a story that sounded positive for bicyclists but in fact is a great setback for the rights of bicyclists to park on the streets of Freehold.

The positive spin is that bicycle racks are being installed in the borough and this is a sign that the borough, which has a concentration of Latino bicyclists is tending to the needs of cyclists:

"The Borough Council unanimously voted in favor of the new ordinance, which prohibits bicycles from being stored anywhere in town but on bicycle racks or private property with the owner's permission....

...The borough has so far installed six racks at various downtown locations...

...Higgins said Monday that 10 more have been ordered. The racks will be able to accommodate about 90 bicycles, she said."

According to the ordinance, bicycles that are found not placed in a rack, or left on streets, sidewalks or on private properties without the consent of the owner will be seized and impounded by the borough. The owner of the bicycle may claim the bicycle after paying $20 per bicycle. In addition, there will also be a $1 per day charge for storage. The owner will also have to identify the bicycle by make and color.

Imagine the outrage if the borough restricted car parking by ghettoizing cars to special corrals and impounding those that didn't comply due to "visual blight". You couldn't park in front of your house or on Main Street.

Perhaps most absurd of all is that a local government in New Jersey actually believes that it is attending to the needs of bicyclists with a half dozen bike racks and 0 miles of bike lanes.

2009-24 Bicycle Parking Racks


Steven Vance said...

Do you have parking meters in Freehold?

Unknown said...

Hello John, I found this post and article from you and find it interesting. I am the admin for a Freehold Borough web site called the Freehold Voice. Here is a link to a conversation about the bikes ordinance:

Also, As I reported in the next thread, several people, including myself, did go to a council meeting and speak up about the ordinance. Check it out:

The fist of what I spoke about was that the bike issues should be viewed from a recreational stand point. I believe that by doing so, quality of life issues and safety issues would naturally be considered and met.

Would you begin an account on the Freehold Voice and add your thoughts? It would be good to hear from your perspective.

Brian Sullivan

Unknown said...

I see that the links did not take. Also that was supposed to say "gist" of what I said at the council meeting, not fist.

When going to the freehold voice, there is a main page that brings you to the message board. The posts in question are found under the Mayor and Council sections.

Steve, we do not have parking meters, please don't give them ideas!

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