Saturday, July 30, 2011

Casey's Feldman's Legacy Energizes the Grass Roots Movement For Pedestrian Safety

On July 17, 2009 21 Year Old Casey Feldman was walking to her job at an Ocean City restaurant when she was struck and killed by the driver of a van at the intersection of 14th and Central. According to the Springfield (PA) Patch - The distracted driver was reportedly reaching for a cup of iced tea in the passenger side of the vehicle.

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In response to this preventable tragedy Casey's parents and friends established The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation which funds causes that were dear to Casey as well as educating the public about pedestrian safety and the dangers of distracted driving. On July 23rd the Foundation partnered with the Street Safe Driving Academy and the Ocean City Police Department Traffic Safety Unit for a hands on educational program about distracted driving Ocean City, N. J. The event included a driving simulator and asked people to sign a pledge saying that they will not drive distracted. You can read more about the event in the Springfield Patch article and this video from NBC 40 News.

Another event is planned in September. Let's hope for more events like these enlighten the ill informed who have a disdain for New Jersey's stop for pedestrians law. Perhaps every critic should obligated to watch the video below.

Casey's story is featured in the Faces of Distracted Driving series

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