Thursday, October 14, 2010

Compiling Questions on Complete Streets and Liability

This question comes directly from Ranjit Walia at the Voorhees Transportation Center via the NJ BikePed Listserve. Send your answers directly to him as I'm sure he could use a number of examples.

Have you ever been told you can't improve your streets by providing more bicycle, pedestrian, traffic calming, or other type facilities because of concerns about liability? This is your chance to help us put together a list that we will be compiling for attorneys who will be working with us on how to address the concerns people have about liability and Complete Streets and debunk misconceptions on the topic. Please send me an e-mail to share your questions and/or examples of liability issues you have confronted. If you could provide the following information it would be appreciated:

What was it you proposed/discussed?
Who told you that it was a liability issue? (attorney, engineer, planner, etc.)
What exactly was the liability they associated with it?

If you have any other questions on liability as it relates to Complete Streets please feel free to submit those as well. Look forward to seeing everyone's responses!

Ranjit Walia AICP
Senior Research Specialist
Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center
33 Livingston Avenue, Rm 446
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
phone: 732-932-6812 xt. 771
fax: 732-932-3714

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