Friday, January 08, 2010

WANTED! - LCI Candidates

This message comes from Jim Nicholson, President of the NJ Bicycle Coalition and one of the finest League Cycling Instructors in America. - Andy B.
Dear fellow New Jersey bicyclists,

We are putting together a New Jersey LCI seminar, tentatively planned for April of this year. Our time-line is tight and complicated by an ongoing search for an appropriate venue, although we think that should be resolved shortly. At the same time we are doing this, we need to identify potential LCI candidates. I'm sure you can understand the difficulty in asking someone if they would like to attend a 2.5 day seminar when we can't give them an exact date and location!

Would you or do you know of anyone who would like the opportunity to train and become a League Cycling Instructor? If so, please contact me at You can also forward names and contact details to me and I will do the calling.

Remember that all potential candidates have to be LAB members, pay a fee for the training, and need to have completed the Traffic Skills 101 prerequisite at least 30 days before the actual seminar. For those who may not have the TS101 course under their belts, we will do all that we can to schedule a class so this can take place. You see, we really do want to fill this seminar...

While I am an LCI, and will, in most probability, be teaching much of this seminar, I am also the president of the New Jersey Bicycle Coalition, a cycling advocacy organization. One of our goals for 2010 is for New Jersey to have at least one LCI in each of its 21 counties, each teaching at least 3 courses per year. While there are many LCIs already teaching and exceeding this number, could you imagine the effect, statewide, if this were to become reality? Whether these new LCIs teach on their own, or perhaps for some of your own organizations, the outcome is the same. Many cyclists in New Jersey will get the benefit of the same training that you got, and become safer, more efficient, and happier cyclists.

So, in closing, thanks for reading this and if you do know of a suitable candidate, let's see if we can get her or him enrolled in this seminar.

Best regards for the new year,

Jim Nicholson
LCI 1625
President, NJ Bicycle Coalition

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