Thursday, January 13, 2011

UPDATE: Bicycle Registation Bill Withdrawn!


Assemblywoman Tucker has withdrawn A3657. Thank You Assemblywoman.

We recommend that the City of Newark work to reduce pedestrian and bicycle conflicts using engineering, education, enforcement and yes encouragement.

  1. Improve bike infrastructure on the on the street network, the City is taking a bold first step by building the State's first Cycletrack on Mt. Prospect Ave in 2011.
  2. Restrict bikes on sidewalks for bicyclists in areas with significant pedestrian traffic
  3. Implement a media campaign (billboard, TV, radio) example NYC DOT's Look campaign.
  4. Encourage people to walk and bike more often, capitalizing on the momentum of Mayor Corey Booker's "Lets Move! Newark" campaign.

1 comment:

Danny Tanner said...

What's your source on the withdrawal? njleg site still lists it as "Introduced". Not that I don't trust you I just want to be sure before I delete the email I was going to send to my rep.