Monday, January 03, 2011

Revisit (correction) on AAA's stance on Bike/Ped funding.

I was reviewing this blog and the features of Blogger in detail today and realized that a number of comments by AAA staff regarding the Wednesday, September 22, 2010 post titled "AAA Pushes to Cut Bike & Ped Funding. Speak Up Now!" were ID'd as Spam by Blogger without my knowledge until Jan, 3rd 2011.

In the interest of fairness to those at AAA and others who took the time to express their views on this topic, I felt it was only proper to revisit this issue now.  The post with all its comments can be seen by following the above link.

Our apologies go out to those that took the time to express their concerns in the comments section of this blog, only to have them not show up.  Again, those of us at WalkBikeJersey were totally unaware that these comments were treated as spam by Blogger until just a few moments before this posting.

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