Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Time running out to for your donations to NJBWC to be matched

The New Jersey Bike and Walk Coalition recently announced that time is running out on their Alliance for Biking and Walking matching grant.  As of Monday, January 17th there were only 90 days left were your donations to NJBWC will be matched by funds from the Alliance for Biking and Walking.  The below message is from a recent email from the NJBWC:
The Alliance for Biking and Walking matching grant, awarded to NJBWC last year, has only 90 days to run before it ends.  Now is the time that we need those of you who have held back on joining the Coalition to go ahead and do so - and make your registrations dollars count double!

While we, and bicyclists around the state, won a significant victory with the withdrawal of the bicycle registration bill, we must continue to be vigilant.  It is quite likely that other attacks on bicycling and walking will come in the next few months.  From Washington, from Trenton, from...

Your Coalition (and we want to be sure that you think of it as "your" Coalition) needs your help to continue operations -- your membership dollars and your support. 

Join us today, either by going to our website or by sending us your check, made out to "NJBC" to NJBC, P.O. Box 843, Mahwah, NJ 07430.  Membership rates are listed on the website.

Thanks in advance for your support!
Ed. Note - This blog is not directly affiliated with the NJ Bike and Walk Coalition

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