Thursday, February 09, 2017

Help Us Identify These Victims

For the most part traffic fatalities are covered in newspapers and on TV. But a few have seemed to fall through the cracks. If you have any news links or details of these tragedies please reply in the comments section.

1 Driver, Gloucester City - Interstate 676 MP 2-4-17
2 Pedestrian, Randolph Township - Reservoir Dr 1-13-17
3 Pedestrian, Pennsauken Township - Route 70 2-7-17
4 Driver, Parsippany Township (Mount Tabor), Simpson Ave  1-2-17
5 Driver, Woodbridge Township, Route 9 1-8-17
6 Elderly Pedestrian, Haddon Township (Westmont) 1-13-17
7 Pedestrian, Paterson, Illinois and Trenton Ave, 1-16-17
8 Pedestrian, Lakewood Township, Route 9 1-13-17
9 Passenger, Verona Borough, Pompton Ave (Rt. 23) and Claridge Ave 1-24-17

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Vision Zero - Tracking All Traffic Fatalities In New Jersey

We at the Walk Bike Jersey Blog are dedicated to the concept of Vision Zero. Last year 608 lives were lost on NJ roads. That is 608 too many. To help understand the scope of this ongoing tragedy we are hosting the 2017 NJ Traffic Fatalities Map. It is based on the daily accident (crash) report from the NJ State Police Website and news reports and will be updated several times a month.

To learn more about Vision Zero and efforts going on elsewhere in the US and the world visit the Vision Zero Network.

WalkBikeJersey co-author Andy Besold continues to keep the WalkBikeJersey Facebook Page up to date