Saturday, December 17, 2011

DRPA approves budget without Ben Franlin ADA ramp

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
The Board of Directors of the Delaware River Port Authority approved the 2012 Capital Program without the ramp as expected and as is the custom, took public comments only at the end of the meeting.

However advocates from the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia got a good amount of press.  Helicopter video of the 10 cyclists on the bridge was seen on Fox 29 and NBC 10. People watching the TV news said the shots were tight which made the group look bigger.

Online press coverage can be found in the below links:
When it came time to vote on the resolution for $20 million in economic development project (DRPA has been slammed repeatedly...
...for allocating toll dollars for these non transportation projects) bicycle advocates got unexpected support from PA Auditor General Jack Wagner: "He (Wagner) expects to have Robert Teplitz, who sits in for him when he misses a DRPA meeting, introduce resolutions in January allocating a total of $6.9 million to study the possible reopening of the Franklin Square station along the PATCO line and making the Benjamin Franklin Bridge walkway on the New Jersey side handicapped accessible."

The Next DRPA is January 5th, keep signing the petition (we have 900+ signatures so far)

Getting NJ Board of Commissioners to vote in favor of Mr. Wagner's proposed resolution is key. If you know any of these people please help us out by contacting them. By the way the board is chaired by PA Gov. Tom Corbett who was leading the meeting.

 Jeffrey L. Nash
(Vice Chairman)
Camden County Freeholder
Reappointed 2009 by Gov. Jon Corzine
E. Frank DiAntonio
Union President & Business Manager
Reappointed 2009 by Gov. Jon Corzine
Charles Fentress
Reappointed 2009 by Gov. Jon Corzine
Albert F. Frattali
Union Business Manager &
Financial Secretary Treasurer
Reappointed 2009 by Gov. Jon Corzine
Ricardo V. Taylor, Jr.
School Administrator
Appointed 2008 by Gov. Jon Corzine
Tamarisk Jones
Gloucester County Director of Health and Senior Services
Appointed 2009 by Gov. Jon Corzine
Richard Sweeney
Financial Secretary/Treasurer and
Business Rep
Ironworkers #399
Appointed 2009 by Gov. Jon Corzine
Denise Y. Mason
Vice President, Senior Regional Community Development Manager
Appointed 2010 by Gov. Jon Corzine

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