Wednesday, May 08, 2013

UPDATE - NJDOT Puts Out A Call For Cyclists To Show Up At Island Beach On May 9th - 11 AM

Below is the update for the NJDOT press announcement from our friends at the New Jersey Bike and Walk Coalition.

The NJDOT Bike Month Event will be held this Thursday, May 9th at 11:00 am rain or shine at Island Beach State ParkDOT's Bicycle & Pedestrian Office would like to see lots of cyclists there to participate.  

DOT will be making several exciting announcements at this press event. The Lt. Governor has been invited to participate. Photo op!

There will be someone at the guard station to let all those attending the event into the park for free.  The event will be set up at the Beach Bathing Pavilion #1 in IBSP which is located approximately 3.5 miles past the entrance gate on your right.  Depending on weather, they will either be set up outside or in the breeze way.
beach bike
Let's show our support for DOT's
efforts towards better cycling in 
New Jersey.

Bring your bikes and helmets and let's ride!

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