Monday, May 13, 2013

Report: Bicycling and Walking Pumped $500M into New Jersey's Economy in 2011

NJ DOT in Cooperation with Rutgers Voorhees Transportation Center has finally released its report: Economic Impacts of Active Transportation in New Jersey. Using Rutgers own R/Econ I-O model the report found that bicycling and walking contributed nearly $500M to the Economy in 2011, supporting more than 4000 jobs and generating nearly $50M in tax revenue. On the investment side government agencies invested $63M into 250 bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements. While skeptics may have a field day poking holes into the perceived 8:1 return on investment, this report could and should put to bed the notion that bike lanes, trails and sidewalks are frivolous add-ons to the State's transportation system. 


Max Power said...

Or one could use the data to make the case that the businesses that benefit most directly from those cycling or walking amenities should be taxed more directly to fund them.

Andrew J. Besold said...

I'm usually in 100% agreement with you but here I totally disagree.

Are car dealerships taxed more? No. They pay property taxes, income taxes like everyone else and their customers pay the same rate of sales tax as other consumer goods. Yet they benefit greatly from a transportation that they pay nothing more for than any other retailer or industry. If anything here in New Jersey, the auto industry benefits greatly from general revenue taxes to make up for a transportation funding shortfall due to gas tax that hasn't been raised in 25 years.

Plus do you know how small the margins are in the bicycle industry?!?!

Max Power said...

Sorry, not meant to be taken as a real proposal. I was adding to the your comment that "skeptics may have a field day poking holes into the perceived 8:1 return on investment"
Though to be honest, I don't put much into that kind of analysis; supposedly the Super Bowl will have the same economic impact:
Given a choice between the 2, I'll take whichever one is not the Super Bowl

Ezra Rufino said...

It's great to see reports like this come out to show the skeptics that these projects are worth the price tag. A price tag that is already lower than motor vehicle infrastructure.

Even if the investment was 2:1 return, that's awesome and it's benefiting the community which is even more important!