Saturday, July 07, 2012

Driver attempts to kill Bradley Beach Bicyclist in hit & run

News 12 New Jersey is reporting that the driver of a black four door Mercedes tried to kill a bicyclist on Ocean Park Avenue late in the evening of July 4th.  Tom Bowker was riding his bike when he observed the Mercedes driving at excessive speed and yelled at the driver to slow down.  

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The driver then put his vehicle in reverse and struck Bowker.  After striking Bowker the first time, the driver of the Mercedes then put his vehicle into drive and struck Bowker again head-on, as Bowker was trying to get up and get out of the roadway. 

This time Bowker was thrown onto the hood and windshield of the Mercedes and dragged for more than a block and a half.  All the while Bowker and the female passenger in the Mercedes were yelling at the driver, "Stop!  Your going to kill him!"  Bowker said that while he was hanging onto the car the driver was smiling, seeming to enjoy horror he was inflicting on Bowker.

Bowker was lucky and escaped the assault with relatively minor injuries in the form of cuts and bruises on his feet and legs.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident that are encouraged to contact Bradley Beach Police at 732-775-6900

The suspect is described as a:
  • White male
  • In his late 20s
  • Thin build 
  • Thin beard with short dark jelled hair


John said...

If only the female passenger would do the right thing...

Anonymous said...

Eye for an Eye. Run the MF'r over when they catchhim !

Anonymous said...

I saw the whole thing! I was working at Vic's. But I have no info on the suspect.

Andy B from Jersey said...

Anon #2, was it as bad as it as reported? Sounds horrible.

tom bowker said...

I was the one that was hit by the car. There were no wittnesses at the time of the accident. The accident occured on Ocean Park Ave, a few blocks north of Vics.

Andrew J. Besold said...


Hope you are well. I assume then that this felon is still on the loose. Have the police been investigating this as Attempted Murder as they should have? I would like to do a follow-up on this.

Our best at WBJ.

Tom Bowker said...

Hi Andrew,

Sorry for the late response. The Bradley Police have not caught the suspect, nor have kept in touch with me on any possible leads they may have. I feel like they could have done more besides brushing it under the carpet.