Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chicago lawsuit should be a wakeup call for New Jersey towns

The Chicago Tribune is reporting of a $3.25 million payout to the family of a 4 year old girl who was tragically killed why trying to cross the street with her mother and brother.  The basis of the lawsuit is that the City of Chicago did not properly install the stop sign, maintain the crosswalk and the the "No Parking" zone began closer to the stop sign than the law requires.

In my travels all around New Jersey, I see exactly the same conditions that a Illinois court found lead to this girls death.  I've long worried that non-compliance with design standards and New Jersey parking laws not only creates hazards for pedestrians, cyclists and other motor vehicle drivers, but that they also will leave municipalities open to litigation.  It would seem that my concerns are well founded, at least in some parts of the country and I don't see why such a lawsuit couldn't make traction in the New Jersey court system.  Hopefully, towns will learn of this and make the corrections before we have to find out.


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