Thursday, February 02, 2012

LoBiondo and Sires Fight the Good Fight In A Bad Transportation Bill

The votes are in for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Amendment to preserve Safe Routes to School and Transportation Enhancements. The Amendment sponsored by Representatives Petri (R-WI), Johnson (R-IL) and Lipinski (D-IL) narrowly failed by a vote of 27 to 29.

NJ representatives Sires (D-13 Hudson County) and LoBiondo (R-2 South Jersey) voted yes for TE and Safe Routes. Rep. LoBiondo's vote was particularly heartening as he was the only Republican non bill sponsor who voted for the amendment and faced enormous pressure from the House Leadership to vote no. If you live in either Congressman's district please send them a personal Thank You by clicking the respective link.

So what happens next? According to America Bikes, the Republican leadership in the House wants the Transportation Bill to be voted on by the full House before the next recess begins in late February. Other committees will take their shots at the bill tomorrow and next week, and the bill could be up for a vote in the full House of Representatives the week of February 13th. After that the battle switches to the Senate which has a much better but from from perfect bill of their own. This battle is far from over.

Oregon Representative Peter DeFazio gives an excellent speech in defense of Safe Routes to School

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