Tuesday, October 25, 2011

VideoTrailReviews.com - Like Streetfilms for NJ Mt. Biking

I just stumbled across this excellent website, VideoTrailReviews.com which gives web viewers exactly what the title advertises; great video reviews of the mountain bike trails on the East Coast but mostly here in New Jersey.  Manny Lugo, the creator of the website and most of the short films on the site, focuses primarily on hot spots for mountain biking but there are some exceptions.

I found the videography and editing to be superb and pretty much on par with the more famous Streetfilms.  While this is in part due to the amazing capabilities of the small, new helmet mounted cameras, it is also obvious the Manny knows how to get the most out of this and the rest of his equipment.  The "rider's eye" shots are very well composed and really capture the essence, pure speed and thrill of biking sweet New Jersey singletrack.  You really feel like your on the bike, threading your way through the trees!  Plus, his highly professional post production and choice of background music make for great fast pace entertainment.  Before you know it, the two to three minute videos are quickly over and you are left wanting more or better yet, wanting to get out on the bike even if it is 2am in the morning!

Here are two examples of Manny's work at VideoTrailReviews.com:


Manny Lugo said...

Thanks Andy for the nice post. My site was founded Dec. 2010 and is still evolving. Hopefully, by the end of the 2012 summer season I would have doubled my trail review content.

I feel honored you found it worthy to post on your amazing blog.

Thanks again,


Andy B from Jersey said...


I call them as I see them. You put out a first-rate product which provides a great resource for local area mountain bikers.

Keep up the good work!

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