Monday, October 10, 2011

Folk Engineered, Newark charter school kids participate in Oregon Manifest

Late last month Folk Engineered, New Jersey's only bicycle makers, made the long trip Portland to participate in Oregon Manifest.  Billed as "A competition to design and build the ultimate modern utility bicycle," the event attracts the nation's and the world's best bicycle artisans such as perennial bike show winner Tony Pereira and industry icon Chris King and is Cielo Bicycles.  Being true to their unwritten mission to give back to the City of Newark that is their home, Ryan and Marie teamed up with some of the kids from the Discovery Charter School to produce their utilitarian entry.     

Source: Oregon Manifest.
While they did not win, just being invited to the competition is quite an honor in itself.  Making it all the way out to Portland, Oregon with the participating students and a beautiful bike in tow, surely had to be all the reward they needed.  Ryan and Marie, who are married, always have a glow about them as it is clear that they have found their callings in building beautifully crafted bicycles in Newark and sharing their passions and talents with the kids of the Brick City whether at the the Discovery School or at the newly opened Newark Bike Exchange (more on that soon on WBJ).

For more about Folk Engineered's entry with many more pictures (and a number of their other projects) see the following links (1, 2).

Our cycling caps are off to Folk Engineered and the kids of the Discover Charter School for representing Newark and all of New Jersey at this highly regarded bicycle industry event.

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