Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WalkScore Rates 61 NJ Municipalities has released the 2011 list of most walkable cities among the fifty largest cities, New York City has the highest walk score of 85 and Philadelphia was fifth with a walkscore of 74.

Walkscore also looked at the 61 largest municipalities in NJ. Congratulations Hoboken and Union City you both have a walkscore 92. Sorry Tinton Falls your walk score is only 25.

Walkscore only looks at the ideal walkability of a place, conditions such as missing sidewalks, and barriers to travel are not considered. NJ Transit data is not registered with Walkscore so places near train and bus stations do not score any higher than places that don't


Andy B from Jersey said...

Thanks for posting this John. It should come to no surprise that Tom's River, the (practical) pedestrian fatality capital of New Jersey, came in third to last for New Jersey towns with a score of 33.

Andy B from Jersey said...


Taking a closer look at the map you embedded in the original post leaves me with many questions. If you scroll down to the New Brunswick area and look at Somerset, which ranked lower than Toms River, I noticed they conveniently did not evaluate the oldest and most walkable part of town right outside of New Brunswick. They also didn't evaluate the rural parts of town and with the scattered sprawl either.

The data almost seems "cherry picked" or at least poorly evaluated in many select circumstances.