Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Very Last Call for The Big Walk!

The following comes to us from the fine folks at Freewalkers and the East Coast Greenway Alliance. Sorry but I just couldn't get the formatting just right on the text box to the left:

The Big Walk Logo
50 miles - May 21, 2011

Great Canal Walk Logo
38 miles - April 9, 2011

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12 miles - April 16, 2011

Dear Walkers,

It's just a few days before - The Big Walk - coming up on Saturday May 21st. Now, I hear it might be Judgment Day too! What better way to go out than with an attempt at walking 50 miles! I guarantee that even your sub-50 mile efforts will not go unnoticed!

We got a big Union County welcoming ceremony in store for us in Cranford at the train station along with guests, press, and plenty of breakfast food to get you going and keep you going throughout the day provided by the ECGA, Union County Parks Dept. and a new sponsor! - Koenig Russo and Associates, LLc,  Certified Public Accountants of Roselle Park.

If you have not walked with us yet in a FreeWalkers event, you'll find that the people, the pace, the trail and the spirit of the group will provide the necessary mix for you to achieve your own personal best. You can set your own pace, come into and drop off the walk at various spots and bring your friends along too. The only thing you need to do is show up and try your best.

What's it Like to Walk that Long?

Here's the official event video and photos from last year:

We're posting photos, feedback and some preliminary stats on our recent walks - Great Canal Walk (April 9, 2011 - 40 miles) and the Tween Walk (April 16, 2011 - 12 miles). If you walked either event please complete the survey so that we can finish the final list of participants by next week.

Cross-Jersey Walking Challenge Too

Cross-jersey Walk ad
The Big Walk is a great way to add the miles walked to your total for the 100-mile Cross-Jersey Walking Challenge! It's our 100-mile crossing of the entire state. You can do this too. If you walk any of our previous walks this year the mileage counts toward the 100. All you have to do to qualify is register and log your mileage. And, you have until the end of the year to finish the 100 miles. Prizes await for this hearty bunch.

With Medals for All

Dog Tags for WalkersA free personalized dog tag will given to anyone who signs up online and walks the "The Big Walk" on May 21, 2011. - regardless of how long they walk. The free dog tag souvenir personally embossed with your name and accomplishment, has become a FreeWalkers tradition.The East Coast Greenway Alliance helps us provide this nice award to everyone. Please generously support their efforts in maintaining this unique trail by giving to their cause.

Paul Kiczek
Program Leader

Donate or Join East Coast Greenway
ECG LogoPlease Give. I'm reaching out to everyone to consider a small donation to the East Coast Greenway. You may have noticed that we added a "Giving" menu selection and we are now posting a notice on the home page asking that you consider joining as a member or donating to this remarkable 3,000 mile trail non-profit project. $40 will get you an adult membership, with even more favorable rates for students, families, and seniors. Consider asking friends and family to donate to your walking effort at $1 a mile as a way to have others help you and the Greenway. Here's a link to the donation page. Please consider a donation.

Thanks for your interest in the Cross-Jersey Walking Challenge. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or suggestions.
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