Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New "Road ID" commercial tells it like it is; Supports LAB

So the Giro d'Italia is entering its final week and I've been hooked to watching every broadcast of every stage (sometimes more than once) since the Giro began two weeks ago.  The commercials I've seen during the Giro coverage left me somewhat disappointed until only a couple minutes ago this morning.

There were plenty of commercials for USA Cycling, which is good for bike racing but I said to myself, "Why couldn't the League of American Bicyclists or at least one of the big names in the industry use this event to promote bicyclists rights as USA Cycling was promoting its mission?"  Well it looks like the folks at Road ID were reading my thoughts and put out this perfectly fantastic, 1 minute commercial below!  Good going Road ID!   Maybe I'll be able to put away Bob Rolls Bazooka while out riding, if enough people get the message.

So if you agree with this message, join the League of American Bicyclists AND the NJ Bike and Walk Coalition. And if your lucky to have one your towns local advocacy group.

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