Monday, April 04, 2011

This Sunday - Branchbrook Park Cherry Blossom Bike Tour!

Sorry that WalkBikeJersey has been quite for a while.  I was living the dream that is walking and bicycling in Germany for the past two weeks while visiting my great family over there.  I thought I would blog a little.  I even brought my laptop.  But it was a futile effort.  The bike riding I did in Southern Germany was otherworldly (glass smooth streets with no motor traffic, beautiful small farm villages dotted between picturesque forests and fields of green, all with the snow covered Alps as a backdrop and all with perfect weather to boot!).  I swear there were several times that I literally smacked myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.  And when I wasn't walking or biking through the German countryside, I was either partying or staying up late talking with my family which is, hands down, much better than tapping at a keyboard particularly when it will be at least another 2 years before I get to break bread with them once again.

So anyway, The Brick City Bike Collective is having their Cherry Blossom Bike Tour once again.  It looks like the timing for the Cherry Blossoms will be right on schedule as the weather has been cool and the event is a little earlier this year.  Last years event was one of the best fun bike rides I attended in all of 2010.
I was hoping that this years event could also be turned into New Jersey's "Tweed Ride" for those that voluntarily wish to play dress-up but my suggestioned was turned down for this year.  Well too bad!  I'm going to turn this into my own personal Tweed Ride.  To find me on Sunday, just look for the the sharply dressed lad on the 3-speed. 

Check out BCBC post for more details about the event and directions on how to get there.  And for a taste of the event, check out this video short from the good folks at StreetFilms that attended last years event.

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