Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Jersey bicycling photo of 2011

A bit of Portland / Amsterdam comes to Newark

While passing through Newark's Branch Brook Park on Sunday as part of the Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey's 2nd (or 3rd?) Annual Cherry Blossom Bike Tour (which shouldn't be confused with the Brick City Bike Collective's ride of the same name), I came across this most beautiful vision of cycling perfection:
There were just so many things right about this sight which I assume was a mother and her three kids. Seeing them brought such joy to me that day as it does again as I write about this two days later.  When I first passed the quartet, one couldn't help but notice the wide smiles on all of their faces.  It was clear that they were all having a blast.  When I stopped to take a picture of them, I asked if they were from the city or just passing through.  "Captain Mom" replied, "Right here in Newark!"  to which I said, "Perfect! Even better!"

And before you reply telling me all about Bakfiets, cargobikes, and the Danish/Dutch minivan, I'm way ahead of you.  I just hope that sights like this become more common in New Jersey and all around the USA.  With gas prices climbing ever higher I feel its inevitable. 


New Jersey Furniture said...

That is such a cool picture of the kids enjoying the bike ride together.

John S. Allen said...

Sorry, but Bike Mom is riding on the left side of the street, or path. Biek photo of the Month? Really?

Andrew J. Besold said...


First thanks for visiting my blog. I'm honored.

She is riding in the shoulder on the left side of a one-way street that goes through Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ. There is no shoulder on the right side of the roadway so most cyclists ride on the left. I wish the shoulder was on the right side of the roadway as this layout did cause some confusion for many cyclists.

Do they ride on the right as dictated by law or ride in the left shoulder where they feel safer?