Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Jersey moves up to 9th most Bicycle Friendly State

New Jersey is back up to number nine in the League of American Bicyclists, Bicycle Friendly States rankings. The rankings for 2010 were recently released along with Bicycle Friendly Communities and Businesses in LAB's latest edition of its magazine American Bicyclist (only available in print at the moment). New Jersey once held the number nine spot two years ago in the first Bicycle Friendly States rankings but was pushed down to number ten last year by a then surging Delaware (now ranked at 32).

New Jersey's continued high ranking is clearly due to the strong support by state agencies and NJDOT's recently adopted Complete Streets Policy. Not to be overlooked was also the creation of the New Jersey Bicycle Coalition and the New Jersey Bicycle Summit they helped to organize last month. These factors clearly helped New Jersey stay and advance further into the top ten in 2010. However, New Jersey still does not have any Bicycle Friendly Communities or Businesses and on-street bicycle facilities are still few a far in-between.

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