Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Bike Access Needed on Shore Buses

Denver RTD motorcoaches have under the floor luggage bins and front bus bike racks. These buses can carry 2 - 8 bicycles depending on luggage loads. Photo by Sidney on Picasa

As I have written before getting to the Jersey Shore on a NJ TRANSIT bus can be a challenge. Bikes must be placed in the luggage bins and are expected to be loaded last. Because the center compartment has been modified to hold a wheelchair lift there is essentially one bin to store luggage and bikes. During the summer everyone has luggage and cyclists can be left stranded.

So why not make the small investment in bus bike racks on these long distance motorcoaches. This would preserve bike access during peak luggage times and would allow buses to carry 4 or 5 bikes.


Eric said...

I have been thinking of taking my two sons and the wife bike riding in NYC.I want to take the NJ Transit bus to the PA at 42 Street instead of driving. But I don't think the luggage bin can hold more that two bikes.

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