Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Three Foot Safe Passage Law In NJ?

NJDOT and the NJ Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Council have been working on a 3 foot passage law for NJ. The language has been developed for this but it has yet to be introduced into the legislature. With bicycle crash deaths on the verge of doubling in NJ in 2008 we feel that it is essential that this proposed bill passes.

Stay tuned for details about a campaign to get a bill introduced into the State Legislature in the next few days.


Andy B from Jersey said...

Actually last that I recall, the bill being proposed by the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Council would be a bit different, and hopefully superior to the generic "3ft Passing Laws" being enacted all across the country. The proposal I last saw would require giving a cyclist half the width of the lane when a car is traveling at speeds greater than 25mph.

I don't know about you but if a car is going faster than that and passes me at 3ft, I usually let them know who I feel is "#1".

Leigh Ann said...

Check out Jen Benepe's Blog

John said...

The original text was half a lane width. But it came back from NJ DOT review as a 3 foot passing distance. Since this is coming out of their office that is what the BPAC Law and Policy subcommittee agreed to.

Andy B from Jersey said...

And the reasoning for reverting to the 3-foot distance? Please I hope it's not because "that's what every other state is doing."

John said...

Several people have asked the same thing. Do you push the existing language forward through the DOT and into the legislature? Or do you go to war with the DOT over to strengthen the language?

In this case it doesn't matter, there apparently is internal resistance to the 3 foot passing law, so fighting the DOT on this is in my opinion a non-starter.

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