Thursday, February 09, 2017

Help Us Identify These Victims

For the most part traffic fatalities are covered in newspapers and on TV. But a few have seemed to fall through the cracks. If you have any news links or details of these tragedies please reply in the comments section.

1 Driver, Gloucester City - Interstate 676 MP 2-4-17
2 Pedestrian, Randolph Township - Reservoir Dr 1-13-17
3 Pedestrian, Pennsauken Township - Route 70 2-7-17
4 Driver, Parsippany Township (Mount Tabor), Simpson Ave  1-2-17
5 Driver, Woodbridge Township, Route 9 1-8-17
6 Elderly Pedestrian, Haddon Township (Westmont) 1-13-17
7 Pedestrian, Paterson, Illinois and Trenton Ave, 1-16-17
8 Pedestrian, Lakewood Township, Route 9 1-13-17
9 Passenger, Verona Borough, Pompton Ave (Rt. 23) and Claridge Ave 1-24-17


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