Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Vote early and often for Morristown bike corral

If you haven't done it already, get your Facebook account humming and place your vote for BikeWalkMorristown's quest to win a bike corral in a national contest from Saris Bicycle Racks.  To their credit already, WalkBikeMorristown is one of only three finalists in the contest.  Vote soon for our BikeWalkTown friends, as the contest ends on April 5th.

Look at that motley crew and their forlorn hapless bicycles yearning to be safe and secure with a nice bicycle corral.  Why don't you help make sure that their bicycles have a safe place to rest as their owners go grocery shopping?

As of the time of this post Morristown was trailing a bunch of Yankees from Concord Massachusetts 215 to 196.  Are we going to let a bunch of baked bean eating, Red Soxs and Patriots rooting, "Paaaark da chaaahhh  in Haaarvard Yaaaard" Concordians beat our New Jersey,"How ya' goin'" compatriots?!?!  No way! 

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