Thursday, February 07, 2013

Now follow WalkBikeJersey on Facebook!

Don't worry!!  WalkBikeJersey Blog isn't going anywhere.  We will continue to use blogger as our primary platform but to better reach a wider audience and to make it easier for some current readers to follow the blog, we here at WalkBikeJersey have created a WalkBikeJersey Facebook page that will allow you to follow all new posts on Facebook, starting with this one.

We are using RSS Graffiti to send our blog feed to Facebook.  It updates to Facebook as soon as possible but cross-posting to the FB WBJ page won't be immediate. We just set this up, so bear with us if there are any problems.  We hope to have to have the entire archive up on FB within a day or two.

We have also added a Facebook and Twitter share buttons
on the right column and a selection of share buttons at the
bottom of each post (like RIGHT below this line).  If like what we have to say, please share it!

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