Thursday, October 25, 2012

Princeton wins Bicycle Friendly University Bronze Award

It's been a busy and truly monumental past couple of days here in New Jersey on the bicycle advocacy front.  Finally after years of work New Jersey now has three Bicycle Friendly Communities, well engineered and well executed on-street bicycle lanes and sharrows have been installed in New Brunswick (more on that soon), and now comes word that Princeton University has been given a Bronze level Bicycle Friendly University award.

Princeton's efforts were even highlighted in yesterday's press release from the League:
At Princeton, also a Bronze BFU, new students get information about bicycling in their welcome packets, introducing them to the large network of campus paths, weekly bike maintenance classes, plentiful bike parking, free bike locks and the wide array of U-Bikes and CycLab programs and events.  

"Princeton is honored to become part of the Bicycle Friendly University program," said Andrea DeRose of the University's Transportation & Parking Services. "The University encourages biking as an efficient mode of transportation for faculty, staff and students -- and strives to increase the number of bicycle-related facilities and bicycle-related polices on campus."

Congratulations to Princeton for being the only University in New Jersey and in the Philadelphia and New York Metro area (Yale is a little far to be included) to be awarded the honor so far. 


Ezra said...

I bike Princeton and New Brunswick all the time, and they are both getting so much better and also a lot more bikers seem to be around in both areas!

Andrew J. Besold said...

I know Ezra! New Brunswick even has usable and well designed bike lanes!!! It's amazing what can happen when a city hires a planner that is an actual, dyed in the Merino Wool Jersey, cyclist!

Ezra said...

Haha, you are so right. Actually, I saw this comment back right after a friend of mine left my home who also works for the Planning Department in New Brunswick. It's good to have people who know the needs of the neighborhood, and are looking towards more sustainable streets because they are a part of using them too.

I just reread this article, because I working on writing about biking in Princeton, and I always appreciate WalkBikeJersey keeping me up to date. So, thank you!

PJPBAC said...

" now comes word that Princeton University has been given a Bronze level Bicycle Friendly University award."

That was last year's news. What happened last week is that our municipality was awarded bronze-level
Bicycle Friendly Community. Meaning we are now a Bike-Friendly Communiversity ? Anyway, see link below for the official press release. Kudos to all who made it happen!

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