Saturday, September 15, 2012

NJ TRANSIT train bicycle Holiday Blackout coming this Sunday

I just happened to be watching the news moments ago and was reminded that Rosh Hashanah starts tomorrow evening.  Lucky for me I know NJ TRANSIT's bicycle policy better than almost anyone and remembered that, "Bicycles are not permitted on the day before Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but are permitted on the holidays themselves."

Up until a few moments ago my plan to get to my bike education job in New York City, as it has been over a dozen times this summer, was to roll up to the New Brunswick train station at 7:45am tomorrow, with ticket in hand and get on the train that would get me to the job just on time.  Instead of taking the train with my bike to get to my job tomorrow, I will have to drive and take PATH (which has no such restrictions).  Lucky for me, I didn't find out about this at 7:58am as the train pulled into the station.  Lucky for me again, I have the option of driving a car.

If you end up riding any NJ TRANSIT trains tomorrow, particularly the busier North East Corridor, let us know if they were really too crowded to really warrant banning bikes.  Leave a comment here and tell us when, what line you used and between what stations you traveled.


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