Wednesday, September 14, 2011

YES!!! West Windsor is New Jersey's first Bicycle Friendly Community!

After years of lamenting New Jersey dubious distinction of being in an ever shrinking group of states without a Bicycle Friendly Community (1 & 2), West Windsor, Mercer County is now New Jersey's first and only Bicycle Friendly Community at the Bronze Level as awarded by the League of American Bicyclists.

Clearly, the main reason behind West Windsor's award rests on the tireless efforts of the West Windsor Bicycle & Pedestrian Alliance.  I've long lauded their superb advocacy efforts.  And even though they are busy celebrating their well earned award, that did stop them from their work.  Just a day before announcing their BFC award, they were busy demanding (and helping) Mercer County design a more appropriate and "complete" Route 571.  This reality just goes to show how much further even New Jersey's first BFC and the rest of us really need to go.

All (two) of us at WalkBikeJersey, salute West Windsor and the WWBPA for there Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community Award.


Neil said...

Having ridden here, I'm not surprised by this. I remember that the town police were giving away free bike lights at one point. The roads here are also mostly excellent for riding. (You can even ride on the wide shoulders of 130 if you have to.)

Silvia said...

Andy, thanks for the praise! Obviously we're thrilled to be a bicycle-friendly community.
We also go beyond advocacy work with our politicians, and we thank them for the many improvements we have seen. Last weekend we collected 52 bikes (and a few other things) for Bike Exchange, which will refurbish the bikes and sell them to support Boys & Girls Club of Trenton, and next weekend we'll have our second "learn to bike" class to get kids off training wheels. And while we generally don't give away safety gear, we do sell it at great prices at our farmers' market.