Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gran Fondo New Jersey postponed till September 18th

No refunds but those that can't make the new date can apply this year's registration fee to cover all of the registration of next years event.

I knew a hurricane named after my only sister would cause untold trouble.  Unfortunately due to the likely perfect timing and bulls-eye hit of the approaching Hurricane Irene, Marty and his team have decided to postpone the Gran Fondo New Jersey till Sunday September 18th.  Marty has this to say about their decision to postpone the event:

After coordinating and negotiating with the State Police, the 22 different municipalities through which we will be riding in Northwest New Jersey, and our volunteer support teams, we have made the decision to postpone the ride and all associated events until the weekend of September 18th - the ride itself will be on the 18th.

We realize that we are a “Rain or Shine” event, but a hurricane of the projected strength of Irene is unprecedented and brings with it a much higher level of danger due to forecasted torrential rains, high winds, and the potential for significant storm debris and flooding along the route. Our primary concern is the safety of both our riders, and our volunteers.

This has not been an easy decision to make, and we hope that you will understand the dilemmas we faced in making it.

Unfortunately for me, I will now not be able to participate in the Gran Fondo that I've been looking forward to and training for all Summer, as I'll be high in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State on the new date.  However, the information provided in the email or on the website does not mention any means for refunds, partial refunds or if refunds will even be offered or not. (Refunds will not be offered but those who cannot make the new date can apply their registration fee to next years event).  Also, since the date has been postponed by three weeks, there was no mention if registration would be reopened.  Again, one is likely to find more information and any other updates can be found at the Gran Fondo New Jersey Website.

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