Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bike Fest in Morristown on Memorial Day Friday

This comes to WalkBikeJersey from New Jersey Bike Summit sensation, Kendra Arnold of Morristown Pedal Pushers.  If I can make it WalkBikeJersey will be there.  - Andy B.

Bike Morristown is planning a big party for the end of Bike to Work Month after Morristown's monthly ride in May (Friday, May 27), and it is going to be inside the old BMW dealership at 55 Bank Street. We are planning on having the Cinnamon Snail veggie food truck return and several bands and fun stuff going on, but it is gigantic space with 2 showrooms. In the smaller showroom (which is still pretty big), we are going to have room for lots of other bicycling groups to come and push their own agenda. Also any sort of bike-related art or whatnot is welcome to some space to sell their stuff or just show it off.
We would love to have any group that wants to set up a table or wants to show up and mix and mingle at the celebration to come. This is very much a DIY thing, so while we have the space, we probably won't have tables, but you are welcome to bring in whatever you want.

Also looking for other fun stuff to have that night, so if you have a fun idea (and even better, want to be in charge of your fun idea), let us know!

This event is totally free, but will be the first time we pass the tip jar for Bike Morristown.

Hope to see you there!
Kendra Arnold


BobP said...

Are you involved with NJ Bike Walk Coalition?

Andy B from Jersey said...

Hi BobP,

While we greatly support and work with the NJBWC, WalkBikeJersey remains an independent source of bike/ped news and analysis.