Thursday, December 09, 2010

"Freehold bike study - NEED HELP"

The below message is from Freehold Councilman John F. Newman. Somehow it ended up in my spam folder so wasn't included in my original notice about the unveiling of the Freehold Borough bike study. If you read on you will get some insights into what the Freehold study has to offer. I've never meet Councilman Newman but it sounds like he's putting his neck out to support cycling so I suggest that we cover his back on this and show up to this meeting.

Subject: Freehold bike study - NEED HELP

About one year ago, I was elected as a councilman in Freehold Borough. One issue that immediately reared its head was an ordinance that was passed (before I was sworn in) which required bikes to be parked at bike racks in town, despite a dearth of bike racks.
I railed against this issue, and soon thereafter secured a NJ DOT grant to have a bike-ped study of the town. That study is about to be unveiled to the public for their review and comment, but I am learning of some opposition to the study, namely how it could affect the downtown.
I am reaching out to bicycle advocates so that they can assist me in garnering support to ATTEND the meeting and bring their views of the benefits of a bike-friendly community. Being in Freehold Borough, some items in the DOT study were to link the Henry Hudson trail to the downtown, link the rest of the 1.9 square mile borough to the downtown, and linking the borough to points outside its boundaries, such as the Monmouth Battlefield and other nearby parks. Also, within town is proposed a bike path/trail. This will map out places of historic interest and a tour of Springsteen's Freehold. Of course, the study also takes into account safety of bicyclists and pedestrians.
As noted, there is some resistance. I would appreciate it if you you and your friends could help me by attending the December 20, 2010 meeting. The public portion starts at Freehold Borough Hall at 4:00 until 6:30; then the council meeting starts at 7:00 where a presentation will be made directly to the mayor and council.
Your support and input will be greatly appreciated as well as your comments on the beneficial aspects bike-friendly communities - the concept still has to be sold.

Thank you for your support,
John F. Newman

View Larger Map of the location of Freehold Borough Hall

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