Monday, January 11, 2010

Is this legal? UPDATED!!

According to one of our commenters, Kim Darst's ATV has had the motor removed so it's no longer a motorized vehicle. Still curious if she needs a permit.

The scene is the Paulinskill Trail and pictured is Kim Darst training her sled dogs for the Iditarod by having the dogs tow her on her ATV.

I'm just curious but is that legal? I'm not trying to give Mrs. Darst a hard time. I think it is cool that she is using the trail to train her dogs (just another example of the recreation opportunities trails provide) and I'm quite sure she wouldn't turn on the motor but is it still legal for her bring an ATV onto the trail even if the motor is never turned on?

I could see how an ATV would make an ideal sled substitute. However, I would still think that it's illegal to bring motorized vehicles on trails open only to non-motorized users at anytime or under any condition. What would be next? A team of draft horses pulling an old pick-up truck down the trail?

I don't know the answer but I'm asking. I would be cool if she had a special permit.

Check out the other pictures of Kim Darst training her dogs on the Paulinskill Trail.


clever-title said...

The sign
says no motorized vehicles, so I think it's technically illegal by the letter of the law, but as long as the engine stays off and no other trail users are bothered, I wouldn't give them a hard time.
Looks like the opening of Borat, though.

Anonymous said...

I think I read that the motor is removed from that atv. -Dean

Anonymous said...

I've ben on the trail when the sled goes by. No engine.

Bicycle_Coalition_of said...

I've confronted packs of real ATV riders on non-motorized trails and it's frightening. This problem is most persistent on trails near working class neighborhoods-urban or rural. I would suggest posting this issue again when find evidence of such activity.