Friday, July 03, 2009

Atlantic City Plans for an Auto Friendly Community

As reported in the Mobilizing the Region Blog Atlantic City's Regional Transportation Plan "trumps" sprawl over sustainability and virtually ignores bicycle and pedestrian improvements in a city where 40% of the households do not have access to a car.

Much of the plan calls for widening of major highways, new interchanges, the blowing out of intersections and local city streets as well as the addition of even more parking garages. The total for these improvements is an eye opening $3.7 Billion Dollars.

The $23 Million Dollar proposal for bikeway on the boardwalk can't be more than a joke and the report even acknowledges the shortcoming of bike planning in the City. The lack of designated bicycle routes, lanes, or trails anywhere in the City suggests that safety for bicyclists and other slow speed vehicle users has not been given sufficient consideration.

No Kidding....

Time to go back to the drawing board and come back with an environmentally just and sustainable plan that envisions a livable Atlantic City. Perhaps the planners should take a look at the cities rich past for some clues.


Andy B from Jersey said...

And I though that the downturn in Atlantic City's gaming revenue would make them think differently.



Doomed to obsolescence!

Just plain stupid!

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