Monday, May 18, 2009

Wake Me Up - Am I Really In New Jersey?

Ocean City NJ - So let me get this straight. There is a place in New Jersey where people a) live on a bicycle boulevard and b) paint murals in the street?

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Sunnyside Piazza in Portland Oregon

The famous flower in the street at SE 33rd and Yamhill in Portland Oregon was the inspiration for a street mural recently completed on New Jersey's first bicycle boulevard Haven Avenue in Ocean City, NJ.

These strategies which have taken hold in a progressive resort community can also be applied to inner city streets. Imagine if Camden or Newark decided to make their streets seem friendlier with bicycle boulevards and street murals.


Moderator said...

This is great! New Haven, CT will soon be doing its first "intersection repair," in front of the city's main hospital.

bikepedlt said...

Great to have a NJ example to show my town council. I have been proposing this for quite some time in Montclair. Although the Township Engineer is behind it - especially if materials and time are donated - our council has a hard time with things like this. I'd like to consider creating traffic calming murals on the various 4-way stop intersections (recently installed) as well as in school zones. When we grow up, I'd like to paint a mural on Bloomfield Ave - Oh, Essex County, Please open your mind!

Anyone else going for something like this?

Laura Torchio

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