Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Jersey Bicycle Coalition Goes Online

Our friends at the New Jersey Bicycle Coalition have launched their website

The Coalition's Mission is to encourage and promote cycling, provide a collective voice for cyclists, and improve access for cyclists on New Jersey's roads, highways, and trails.

Our Goals and Objectives are to:

* Advocate on behalf of cyclists before public bodies, including elected officials and government agencies
* Focus attention on cycling-related issues which may transcend the interests and abilities of local bicycling clubs
* Sponsor public events, both independently and in partnership with other organizations
* Promote cycling as a healthy, enjoyable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable means of transportation and recreation

NJBC's main focus will be to address bicycle issues in North Jersey which in the planning world can be defined as the NJTPA region spanning from Sussex County down to Ocean County. But their work on the safe passing bill already shows that their presence will have an effect statewide.

WalkBikeJersey has a broader scope as we aspire to be a statewide bicycle and pedestrian organization. We are working closely with the New Jersey Bicycle Coalition and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia as well as other local advocacy organizations such as Bike Montclair and the West Windsor BPA to make sure that we speaking with a unified voice.


Anonymous said...

Actually NJBC states on its about page that..."Although begun in northern New Jersey, we are working to improve conditions for all cyclists on a local, state and national level. We are eager to cooperate with other organizations and work toward common goals."

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