Monday, January 05, 2009

Morristown Puts It in the Big Ring to Win Bicycling Hall of Fame.

Morristown New Jersey is making a very strong and concerted effort to win the Bicycling Hall of Fame. Their very professional effort is impressive, something not entirely expected when Morristown announced that it would make bid for the Hall last year.

For more, see these great articles in the Star-Ledger's "Morristown Green" Blog:

Morristown Bike Hall of Fame plans: Starbucks, and races--real and simulated
Hall of Fame cycling exhibit rolls into Morristown library: 'It was all leg power'

It must be said that their proposal has come about from a lot of hard work by the people in town government and community volunteers alike.

Go MoTown! Keep the Hall of Fame in Jersey!


kendra said...

Yeah! The people who are working on this did a really great job with it; very impressive.

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