Sunday, July 06, 2008

Point Pleasant Beach Does the "Barnes Dance"

Hillbilly Barn Dance - by Kelly Fitzpatrick, 1945

The Boro of Point Pleasant Beach has bucked the Jersey Shore's devil may care attitude towards pedestrians with a new bike ped advisory committee and at least one carefully designed intersection. Purple Heart Blvd (Arnold Ave) and Ocean Ave at the entrance to the popular Jenkinson's Boardwalk. The intersection features an all-pedestrian no traffic turn phase known to traffic engineers as the "Barnes Dance". For those NJ Drivers who believe that right turn on red is a protected right they went further with a bold "No Turn On Red" lighted sign.

Intersection ped only phase; for some reason I missed pedestrians crossing Purple Heart Blvd.

As was pointed out in an earlier comment the Point received a Bicycle Friendly Community "Honorable Mention". I have to say that I question the title given out by the BFC board. Like most other shore towns there are almost no bicycle amenities, let's hope that they give the boro a long to-do list to achieve bronze status.

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