Friday, June 27, 2008

West Windsor Bike Ped Alliance Looks At 199 Intersections

You seen these intersections all over suburbia, unmarked crosswalks, poorly placed access ramps and mostly intersections that are impossible to cross safely.

The West Windsor Bike Ped Alliance along with a slew of volunteers at McGraw Hill performed crosswalk inventory for 199 intersections in West Windsor Township.

The goal was to evaluate the intersections for 17 different criteria to determine if it was an acceptable intersection. Criteria included such items as missing crosswalk, crosswalk faded, curb cut missing or too steep, and walk signal non-functioning. Each team was given an evaluation sheet to fill out for each intersection.

The WWBPA plans to enter all of the information and then determine what level of information is needed to prioritize the data. In general, intersections closest to pedestrian generators will be a higher priority. It is hoped that once the process is complete then it can be replicated in other communities.


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